Transform the way you look and feel in 21 Days!

Ditch Diets Forever and Transform Your Health

 - rebuilding it from the INSIDE out.

Stop dieting and start living! This is a 21-day weight loss program, where the focus is on eating real whole foods. There is no calorie counting and no keeping track of food points. This is not a starvation program. This is a lifestyle that can benefit you for the rest of your life.

My vision as your health coach for twenty-one days is to guide you and help you develop a transformational way of living. This is a two-phase program; for the first seven days, you will be detoxing, flushing out the old toxins and clearing the way for healthier foods. Week two is all about eating nutritious foods, as we restore and replenish your body. You will step out of your comfort zone, experience new foods, new cooking techniques, and try new breathing and meditation exercises. Most importantly, you will be a part of the Rock Your Body Wellness Community, where we all support each other on a daily basis. I want you to become the very best version of you! I am here to guide every step of the way!

"I am so excited to have started this life changing journey through Tara’s Rock Your Body Reboot Program. I knew I needed to do something besides just a weight-loss program; I was looking to improve my overall health and eating less of the same foods would only solve part of the problem. Before I started, my hormones were wacky giving me terrible migraines, my skin was problematic and my digestive system was a mess, just to name a few of my main concerns. I found myself trying to address each issue separately without much luck. Through this weight-loss program, I removed the inflammation and identified several food sensitivities, which were triggers for the majority of my issues. I am so grateful for the awareness, my ability to sleep better and for my overall feeling of wellbeing! Tara was instrumental in helping to provide loads of nutritional knowledge, tools, and support to make this journey successful. Her enthusiasm for clean eating and living are infectious and she’s made such a big impact on the way I will continue to live my life. Thank you!!!" 

Julie Morse
Rock Your Body Reboot Participant

By joining this 21 day weight-loss program, you'll transform the way you look and feel while giving your metabolism the kickstart it needs.

Removal of Food Sabotageurs

While you work through the program, you'll be eating cleaner foods, removing built up toxins and common food allergens. This phase of the program allows your body to experience renewed energy, mental clarity, and improved digestion.

Rebuild Healthy Eating Habits

During the program, you will be establishing healthy, long-term eating habits and ridding yourself of unhealthy habits. This will allow your body to reset, and reboot!

Regain Healthy Nutrients

While working through the program, your body will replenish itself with clean foods. This will result in radiant skin and the reduction of free radical damage done to your body. Your hormones will balance out, helping your mood improve, and your blood sugars will balance out. 

READY TO  Transform the Way You Look and Feel? 


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Just $97 for this introductory offer.

Here are the materials you will receive for the

  • Live Getting Started Webinar
  • Rock Your Body Reboot Guide Book
  • Rock Your Body Reboot Sample Meal Plan 
  • Rock Your Body Reboot Recipe Book
  • Rock Your Body Reboot Client Workbook
  • Facebook Support Group  where I am available for the entire twenty-one days
  • Motivational and instructional emails
  • Toxin Reduction Guide with mediation and breathing techniques, and ways to eliminate toxins effectively
  • A copy of my brand new eBook – Be HAPPY  from the INSIDE Out
  • BONUS  30 Minute Post-Program Strategy Consultation


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