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A sad and depressed woman sitting down alone outdoors

My second article has just been published in a local magazine, The Modern Gladiator. I hope you enjoy the article, which speaks about the gut-brain connection and how it’s possible both anxiety and depression may play a role. Enjoy the read and let me know your thoughts.


Are you struggling with depression? Have you been feeling defeated and every treatment you explore is a dead-end road? Trust me—you’re not alone. The struggle is real and new research shows a direct correlation to your gut health and your anxious or depressed mood.


Did you know  your “gut” is called your second brain? I’m sure you’ve experienced a “gut feeling” or intuition about a situation. Or maybe you’ve had the feeling of butterflies in your stomach before standing up to give a speech. Your gut communicates directly with your brain, and the two have a very intimate relationship with one another.





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