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Mindful eating


What does “mindful eating” mean to you?


So often we eat mindlessly, and devour our food without really even thinking of our actions. How many times do you eat, while watching television or working on the computer? Do you eat in your car on the go? There is so much to be gained when we slow down and fully experience all elements of our food.


Explore mindful eating during your next meal. Make this your special time. It’s truly a beautiful meditative practice.


Turn off the television, phone, and computer. Put your work away and be fully present. Notice the aroma of your food. Describe what you smell. How does it make you feel?


Look at your food and imagine all that has happened to make it to your plate. Think about the water, the sunlight, the care from the people harvesting your meal.


Be grateful for all that you have in front of you. So many people around the world are not so lucky.


Now, focus on the food that has just gone into your mouth. How does your food tastes? Is it salty or sweet? What is the texture of your food? Saliva is being produced and now SLOWLY CHEW your food. Try and count 25 chews, to make sure it is properly broken down, so you can absorb all the amazing nutrients. Put your fork down in between each chew. This will help you to slow down and enjoy every morsel.


When you have finished your meal, sit in silence and reflect on the experience. By this point, you understand the meditative process. It is doing what we do every day, expect we are giving it our full attention. We are eating mindfully.


Let me know how your experience with mindful eating goes at your next meal. How did it make you feel? What are your thoughts?


I look forward to your comments.

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